Multipurpose Filter 203 A2B2E2K2P3 R D

Combined filter with standard thread connector to EN 148-1 for organic vapours, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Ammonia (NH3) and its derivatives, dust,fumes and mist.



Mestel Safety provides Multipurpose Filter 203 A2B2E2K2P3 R D with thread connector to EN 148-1 for organic vapours having boiling point higher than 65 °C, inorganic gases and vapours, Sulphur Dioxide (SO), Ammonia (NH) and its derivatives, dust, fumes, aerosols, particles and mist. Marking R means that you can reuse the filter for more than one time.

Multipurpose Filter specific features:

Material housing: polypropylene

Filter media: activated carbon and filter paper

Storage: store at temperatures between -20 and + 50°C and RH <80%

Weight: approximatively 300 grams

Shelf life: 5 years if duly stored and in their original packaging

Filter compatibility:

It is possible to use the filter with full face masks that are fitted with EN 148-1 (RD 40-1/7) connector. Filters comply with the EU Regulation 2016/425 (PPE). They are combined Class 2 filters for gas protection and particle filters Class P3 RD in conformity to EN14387:2004 + A1:2008.

Filter installation:

The choice of filter depends on the type of contaminant. Firstly to use it correctly, refer to the instructions we provide with it. Once you have checked the expiration date, you can screw the filter to the connector making sure that the gasket at the bottom of the hole runs flat.
After a successful leak test and filter control, it is possible to enter a contaminated area.

Most importantly you must replace the filter when the user begins to perceive the smell or taste of the dangerous substance or in case of irritation. You should replace dust filters should when respiratory resistance becomes too high.