Drinking Device (assembled on the maks)

Internal drinking device for SGE 400/3 and 400/3 BB masks.



The internal Drinking Device is an optional accessory to easily assemble in place of the bottom port of the mask.

Firstly it may be rotated, moving the internal tube to intercept the mouth and avoiding any uncomfortable condition when not necessary.

Secondly Mestel Safety supply it with a safety valve. Therefore, to drink it is necessary to squeeze the valve, otherwise the tube is closed.

In addition it is possible to use both internal and external drinking systems together with the water canteen connected to it thanks to a special cap.

Drinking Device compatibility:

Most importantly it is possible to use the Drinking Device with the following full face mask:

SGE 400 full-face gas mask is designed for both military and civil defence purposes. Its main features are:

  • Silicone face seal particularly suitable for prolonged use (successfully tested for 5 consecutive days, without removal)
  • 3 standard threaded fittings for filter connection (standard EN148-1 or 40 mm DIN3183)
  • Polycarbonate ballistic visor treated with a special coating resistant to chemical attack
  • Lightness in terms of weight
  • Wide field of vision
  • Easy maintenance
  • Connection with water bottle adapter (drinking device)
  • Weight: 710 grams (size S/M) and 750 grams (size M/L)

SGE 400/3 BB full-face gas Mask:

Identical to SGE 400/3, but with butyl rubber face gasket to meet CBRN requirements. Weight: 650 grams (size S/M) and 690 grams (size M/L).

About Mestel Safety:

Mestel Safety is a company of the OCEAN REEF Group with more than 70 years of experience molding rubber goods and working in several different markets. The following are some of its products:

  • Diving equipment
  • Military protection equipment
  • Respiratory PPE
  • Molding of silicone, rubber and thermoplastic goods
  • Engineering and manufacturing of molds
  • Electronics
  • Under Water Communication Systems
  • Engineering
  • R&D in Material Science and Tecnology
  • Project Management
  • Medical Products
  • OEM

In conclusion OCEAN REEF Group has two manufacturing plants of 6,000 and 40,000 sq/feet in Vista, CA – USA and Genoa – Italy. Mestel Safety Italy is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and also a NATO classified supplier.