Drinking Device (assembled on the maks)



(code: OR030000)

The internal drinking device for SGE 400, 400/3

and 400/3 BB masks is an optional accessory

that could be easily assembled in place of the

bottom port of the mask.

The drinking device may be rotated, moving

the internal tube to intercept the mouth and

avoiding any uncomfortable condition when not


The external drinking device is supplied with a

safety valve. To drink it is necessary to squeeze

the valve, otherwise the tube is closed.

Both internal and external drinking systems

can be used together with the water canteen

connected to it thanks to a special cap.


Water Canteen

(w/pouch 1LT)

(code: OR030001)


External Drinking

System for canteen

(code: OR030002)

External Drinking System

(code: 31999)